17th SocNet98 IUW "Methods and Methodology of Social Work - Reflecting Professional Interventions


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Lecturers at the IUW 2015 in Bremen


The IUW 2015 in Bremen will include workshop contributions from

1. Prof. Dr. Sara Ashencaen Crabtree / Prof. Dr. Jonathan Parker (Bournemouth University): The place of religion and spirituality in social work assessment: sociological reflections and practical implications

2. Prof. Dr. Can Aybek (HS Bremen): Establishing contact, facilitating dialogue: Neighbourhood-based approaches of social work with immigrant communities

3. Monique Bas / Gwendolyn Verhulst (PXL University of Applied Sciences, Hasselt): Building your professional identity in social work – the method of core quadrants

4. Dominique de Boer and students (Hanzehogeschool Groningen): Activating approaches in child and youth welfare – examples, chances and limits

5. Kristiina Hämäläinen / Kari Keuru (HUMAK Helsinki): The creation of OneMinute video films as a method for social empowerment

6. FH-Prof. DSA Mag. Dr. Irene Hiebinger (FH Linz): Social diagnosis and intervention planning along the model of the “five pillars of identity”

7. Holger Kühl (HS Bremen): Social work in schools – methods and approaches

8. Dr. Elisa Matutini
(University of Pisa – Faculty of Political Science): Social work and reflexivity

9. Dr. Michaela Moser (FH St. Pölten): The use of sociocracy – Exploring the potential of a collaborative governance method for social work

10. Prof. Dr. Gabriele Schäfer (HS Bremen): Principles and methods of conflict resolution

11. Felix Seidel (HS Bremen, student): Perspectives on and about critical social work

12. David Urban, PhD (University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice): Methods of Social Work with Roma people.


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