23rd SocNet98 IUW "Child and Youth Welfare and Child Protection - Contemporary Challenges and Developments"


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Excursions 2021


We will have one time block of excursions, please choose one of the three excursions:

Excursions E1)-E3): Tuesday, 13.30-15.00


E1) The Public Child and Youth Welfare Service

Freie Hansestadt Bremen, Sozialzentrum Gröpelingen/Walle, Sozialdienst Junge Menschen Walle (Jugendamt) (Natalie Butler and Julia Bextermöller)

One of the central services/responsibilities of public child and youth welfare services and social services for children, adolescents and young adults (Sozialdienst Junge Menschen, Amt für Soziale Dienste) is fulfilling the state mandate for child protection. After a quick overview of our workplace and methodology, we would like to offer some insights into practical aspects of child protection services. We will bring fictive case examples and plenty of room for questions and discussion.

Webpage: https://www.amtfuersozialedienste.bremen.de/ 

Organisation: Amt für Soziale Dienste, Sozialzentrum Gröpelingen/Walle, Sozialdienst Junge Menschen, Hans-Böckler-Str.aße 9, 28217 Bremen


E2) Caritas – Family Crisis Services

Caritas, Family Crisis Services (Raphaela Schenk)

The Caritas family crisis services are directed to all families in trouble or need. We try to work on crises directly in the families at home in pedagogical and therapeutic settings.

Webpage: http://www.caritas-erziehungshilfe-bremen.de/

Organisation: Caritas Erziehungshilfe, St. Johannis Kinder- und Jugendhilfe, St.-Magnus-Str. 8, 28217 Bremen-Walle


E3) School Social Work

Primary School Rablinghausen, School Social Work (Julia Cordes) 

The Grundschule Rablinghausen (Primary School Rablinghausen) has an integrated service for school social work. The presentation will focus on activities and conceptualisation of this special offer.

Webpage: https://schule-rablinghausen.schule.bremen.de/sixcms/detail.php?gsid=bremen02.c.730.de 

Organisation: Grundschule Rablinghausen, Schulsozialarbeit, Dorfkampsweg 50, 28197 Bremen



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