23rd SocNet98 IUW: "Child and Youth Welfare and Child Protection - Contemporary Challenges and Developments"


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to the 23rd SocNet98 International University Week (online event):
and Youth Welfare and Child Protection - Contemporary Challenges and Developments"

Hochschule Bremen’s School of Social Work hosts one of the three
 SocNet98 online IUWs 2021 during April 19th – 21st 2021.


IUW 2021 participants
Participants of the IUW 2021 in Bremen

The organizing team kindly invites social work students from all European countries as well as university lecturers to participate in this international program. We especially call for a participation from universities of the 
SocNet98 network, but also encourage students, researchers, lecturers, and social workers from other backgrounds to be part of this week.

The IUW 2021 in Bremen takes a focus on the field of child and youth welfare and child protection with a comparing European perspective. We understand child and youth welfare in a broader sense as the work for good life conditions for and with young people. This includes child and youth authorities as well as youth and family services, youth work, school social work, family centres, and day care. As one of the biggest sectors of the social work profession, child and youth welfare works with a highly capable and diverse target group.

Situated in the professional polarities of help and empowerment and of protection and control, child and youth welfare needs to continuously reflect its roles and approaches to meet the complex needs in the field. Societal changes, rising inequalities, growing diversity, processes of digitalisation, changes in legislation and guidelines, and the Covid-19-pandemic provide new tasks and challenges that require innovative approaches.

This IUW provides a forum for an international comparison and reflection of societal analyses about the conditions of the public and familial support and the public upbringing of young people and their current needs and interests. It aims to present and reflect innovative and effective approaches, concepts, methods, settings, organisations, and their potentials to meet the needs and interests of young people and their families in changing times. It invites contributions from all the different participants’ backgrounds.

The IUW 2021 in Bremen will include workshops, lectures, key notes, field-related practice guests as well as social activities. It offers a chance to visit an international online event situated in the City of Bremen and the North-West of Germany. Currently we calculate to invite about 50 visiting and 50 local students as well as about 15 lecturers.

Program highlights will include:

- A workshop program with lecturers from universities and practical child and youth welfare

-  Practice events with social work institutions from the field of child and youth welfare

- Time and special formats to meet the other participants in an online environment 

- Two ECTS for the participants

We are looking forward to meet you in this online event hosted from Bremen.

Prof. Dr. Christian Spatscheck and the local organising team
International Coordinator, School of Social Work, HS Bremen


The IUWs are since 1998 organized within: SocNet98 – European Network of Universities/Schools of Social Work


Participants of the IUW 2018 in Bremen



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